The Savage Detectives

Wednesday March 26th 2008, 3:23 pm

My girlfriend got my The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño for my birthyday, and I have to say so far it’s pretty damn amazing.

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Doggies on Drugs

Monday March 17th 2008, 4:49 pm

Over at Filthy Habits, find my review of the book Pretzel on Prozac: The Story of an Immigrant Dog.

Subjects: nonfiction, review criticism, publications

Kafka has a blog

Wednesday May 16th 2007, 1:57 pm

Kafka has a blog.
No, really.

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Go outside!

Monday April 23rd 2007, 2:14 pm

It’s beautiful out. At least it is here in Vermont. Which is amazing considering we had a snow storm a week ago. Vermont. Going to go shoot some archery on a farm later.
Found my iPod a day after I lost it. Of course it was in a completely obvious place.
Today’s Wet Asphalt article gives examples […]

Mr. Smith

Thursday December 14th 2006, 5:53 pm

A short-short of mine called “Mr. Smith” was just published on the web site Flashing in the Gutters. It contains sex and violence, and is therefore good. Here’s the link:
“Mr. Smith” by Eric Rosenfield
Update: Flashing in the Gutters has recently closed its doors.

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The worst sentence in the history of language

Saturday November 25th 2006, 7:28 pm

I have found it. From the novel Triplanetary by E.E. “Doc” Smith, serialized in 1934-35 and collected in 1948:
“Of course,” she said again, as steadily, thrilled this time to the depths of her being by the sheer manhood of him who had thus simply voiced his Code; a man of such fiber that neither love […]

Hacked to Death - Will the novelization survive the DVD era? By Grady Hendrix

Wednesday June 28th 2006, 7:55 pm

Hacked to Death - Will the novelization survive the DVD era? By Grady Hendrix
Novelizations are interesting. Logically, a novel adapted from a movie could be just as unique and interesting as a movie adapted from a novel. Unfortuntely, this is rarely the case, but according to the Slate article linked to above, it is happening […]

Free books online

Friday June 16th 2006, 4:37 pm

Read Print: Free books online
Read Print has an amazing selection of books, including a number that I thought were still under copyright and therefore couldn’t be put online for free, including 1984 and Ulysses.
The only problem is that they don’t have the work in different formats so you can do things like put it on […]

Picador’s Shots

Monday June 05th 2006, 8:36 pm

Picador launching a series of short stories in individual book form in England
Any news on whether this is happening in America too?

Subjects: fiction, publishing

literary vs commercial fiction

Tuesday May 23rd 2006, 6:09 pm

Promotional Intelligence - New York Times

The pride and joy of publishing, literary fiction has always been wonderfully ill suited to the very industry that sustains it. Like an elegant but impoverished aristocrat married to a nouveau riche spouse, it has long been subsidized by mass-market fiction and by nonfiction ripped from the headlines. One supplies […]

Silliman’s Review of the DaVinci Code

Friday May 12th 2006, 2:48 pm

Ron Silliman’s review of the DaVinci code is probably as spot on as reviews of poorly-written blockbusters get.

Subjects: criticism, fiction

Flash Fiction

Friday May 12th 2006, 12:14 am

Flash Fiction
Short story a day?

Subjects: free, fiction

Interview with Carlos Fuentes

Monday May 01st 2006, 10:38 am

Novel Politics - New York Times
Interview with Carlos Fuentes, probably Mexico’s greatest writer.
Why doesn’t Mexico have a vice president?
Because immediately he would plot against the president and have him unseated and probably killed, which is what happened when the vice-presidential function existed in Mexico in the 19th century.
Subjects: fiction, interview

Conversational Reading: Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

Friday April 21st 2006, 7:37 pm

Conversational Reading: Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
The Borg = Borges

Subjects: metafiction, fiction

Coetzee says we have no sense of history

Tuesday April 18th 2006, 10:05 pm

The Australian: Coetzee throws book at unis [ 11apr06 ]
“Should we be worried that the graduating students are equipped to write novels and stories and plays for today’s literary market but not well informed about the history of these forms or about what has been achieved in the forms in the past?” Coetzee asked.
Subjects: fiction

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