Writing Out Mary Jane

Thursday December 06th 2007, 4:30 pm

It’s just come down the pike that Marvel is writing out Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s marriage. As in from existence like it never happened. Here is the response from my friend Phil:

Wow. just realized that I have not picked up 2 consecutive issues of spider-man in over a decade. You know, I remember when Matt stopped watching Buffy. It was the episode when Xander didn’t marry Anya. Within a span of a couple episodes Buffy was done working at her minimum wage jobs, Willow’s girlfriend was dead, and all of them were living together in one house; an endless monster hunting sleepover. They got regressed to teenagers and their natural growth as believable characters curtailed. One of the reasons the last season of Angel sored to such heights is because the bloody characters had been allowed to grow up, have jobs, make wrong decisions that they payed for, and dealt with the consequences of their pasts. Aunt May needs to fucking die already,and spider-man needs to be fucking divorced because he’s a crap husband who hasn’t had a steady job in 15 years and occasionally dies in front of his wife. Then he should be drinking. Drinking a lot. Getting a beer belly in his spider spandex. He would have to date as a 30-something divorced unemployed photographer. Getting shot down by ex-new-mutants hotties for being too old. Have to watch MJ dating Cyclops(that bastard gots a serious red-head fetish). Have weird spidery guilty one night stands with all the spider-women.Hell, a “crap what happened?” scene where he wakes up in bed with the Black Cat and Gwen Stacey’s clone after a blackout-threeway. just give a damn garth ennis or warren ellis a year with the jerk. As long as he still fights venom every 12th issue the kids wont leave.

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  1. That’s exactly the episode of Buffy that did it for me too.

    Comment by Ford MF — December 6, 2007 @ 9:12 pm

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