How to Ruin a Bus Trip

Monday June 05th 2006, 7:46 pm

On my way back from Boston this weekend (where I went to see a dance performance choreographed by my uncle) I took the Greyhound/Peter Pan (I don’t own a car). Now, on trips I like to get some reading done, for which purpose the single best mode of transport is the Amtrak Acela “Quiet Car”. However Amtrak Acela costs something like three times what Greyhound charges, enough, frankly, for me to fly to Boston on the Delta Shuttle. Which is a little preposterous. Anyway, I was enjoying a perfectly nice bus ride until the driver announced that he was going to put in a movie. On an airplane, a movie isn’t a big deal because the sound is broadcast through headphones, so if you want to read you just don’t use the headphones. However this Greyhound/Peter Pan bus didn’t have any headphone jacks and sure enough when the movie started it was broadcast through the bus’ sound system. This after the driver and warned people not to talk on their cellphones or play loud music because it would distract the other passengers.

The movie was Just Like Heaven, starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. I could go into just what an unmitigated piece of dog shit this film was, but it’s beside the point. Greyhound/Peter Pan completely ruined my travel experience by forcing me to watch this shit, blasting it through the sound system so I couldn’t concentrate on my book. It would easily be worth three times the bus fare to go on a train or plane to not have to be subjected to treacly, cookie-cutter Hollywood bullshit. From now on I’m going to have to call in to the company to confirm that whatever bus trip I’m planning isn’t going to play a movie. If they had any real competitors in the bus business, I would use them.

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