Alan Moore on V for Vendetta

Thursday March 16th 2006, 7:29 pm ALAN MOORE GETS BEAT

What happened, at DC, they’d been asking if we’d do the Charlton characters and then they said, we don’t want you to use the Charlton characters, can you come up with your own. I said yeah we can and we were assured, if you come up with characters of your own, you’ll be able to own them under this new different deal that forward progressive DC comics is doing now, and I believed this. I was completely convinced by this. They seemed to be nice people who were treating me well and were offering what seemed to be a wonderful deal. So we signed the stuff on Watchmen and started work on it. At this point, they were asking, well what about V for Vendetta. I’d been shying away from anybody who wanted to own the work, but because I thought this was some new deal, that I’d been told about, I actually said to Dave Lloyd “I trust these people now, Dave.” [laughs] I can hear myself saying it now. I trust these people, they won’t take this away from us. As soon as they stop publishing it, it will be ours. And this was a time that no comic book had remained in print for more than 18 months,

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