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Wednesday August 10th 2005, 6:02 am

“Boondocks” Comics strip protested for using the word “Christ” | Columns

At the center of the flap is the “Boondocks” comic strip, no stranger to controversy. On July 13, The N&O published a panel that lampooned Oprah Winfrey’s recent fit over a Paris boutique that barred her from shopping. Aaron McGruder’s cartoon had a drawing of Oprah with this label, “To all employees: If this woman shows up, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, LET HER IN!!”

This was a fairly opaque comic panel to those of us who don’t closely follow celebrities. But it did stir concern among several readers who contacted The N&O, at the time, to complain about use of the Lord’s name in vain. The paper ran a People’s Forum letter protesting the language.

Who are these people kidding? You can use “Christ” in vain on television and radio and movies, but not in a newspaper? And people wonder why no one reads those things anymore.

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