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I’d like to propose that in the world of movie tropes, there is such a thing as the Magical White Guy. He’s like a cross between the magical negro and the manic pixie dream girl, and he’s there to help all the non-white guys out there true their course and find their purpose. Mostly women, though.

– from my new thing about movies where straight male sexual predation is neither bad, nor simply normal, but actually a display of compassionate magic in which your dick can show women how everything bad that happens to them is their own fault.

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Remember this: To win the Republican nomination, it will be necessary to pledge to repeal Obamacare, along with ALL of President Obama’s executive orders. If the Republican nominee wins the election, almost all of the important progress that has been made on trans rights at the federal level over the last 6 years will be swept away, along with the health insurance of millions of people. Whomever this Republican President nominates to the Federal judiciary will continue the efforts of the far right to curtail the rights of vulnerable populations and enrich the top 1% at the expense of everyone else. 

This election will literally be life and death for a lot of people… For a lot of trans folks, too. You might not like the Democratic Party. You might not like Hillary Clinton… But you still have a moral obligation to vote democratic if you care about what happens to women, racial minorities, the LGBT population, and the middle class/working class/poor folks of this country. 

We can’t afford anyone sitting this one out because they smugly assume there is no difference between the two major American parties. Register, and vote. 

Or, you know, vote for another party. That’s an option, too.

which is effectively a vote for the republicans, as well you know.

“Writers don’t write from experience, though many are resistant to admit that they don’t. I want to be clear about this. If you wrote from experience, you’d get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy.”


Nikki Giovanni (via word-spinning)

if I wrote only from experience everything would be about being stuck at bus stations in Eastern European countries and yelling at teenagers to be quiet.

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You don’t need to write what you know; you need to make an effort at knowing what you write.

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They probably twigged on that when people tell me to do things like write about Sucker Punch I’m fucking awful about finishing.

Hunkered over, Lisa rooted around the cleft in the glintstone with her pocket tongs. She glimpsed chitin now and then, pincers, legs, stinger. Radio static flared up every few moments as it moved. Little bastard taunting her. She used her free hand to knuckle-rub the small of her back, sore from crouching and slick with sweat even under her porous desert cloak. Why’d it have to be the damn scorpions that became radio receivers?

She stood up for a long stretch. Pulled a handkerchief from her back pocket, wiped the dust off her polarized goggles. Doffed her hat to fan herself, Dora the Explorer smiling back from the floppy canvas. Just a little break.

From shabogangraffiti 

“The [geeks] get psychologically stuck in middle school. … It’s one of the most pernicious myths in our culture is that of the oppressed geek. Yes, in Middle School, sure, but most geeks and nerds are incredibly privileged people. And it’s one of the things about privilege is that you can fantasize that you’re oppressed. It’s the kind of thing you see all the time from right wingers, they constantly fantasize that they’re being done down or persecuted or silenced. It’s part of the nerd mentality, the geek mentality is to have that privilege and to stay psychologically at that point when you were a bullied twelve-year-old or whatever. That’s a form of self-flattery and it gives you all sorts of excuses.”

ShabCast 3 is here btw:

Courtesy of philsandifer, on the #hugoawards, “This forwards this lie that there’s such a thing as apolitical fiction. There is no such thing, and the only people who claim their are are right-wing shitheads. Ostensibly apolitical fiction only serves to reinforce the status quo.”

Shabcast is here:

“The Spine of Worlds” by Eric Rosenfield «:

Read my story “The Spine of Worlds” in the latest issue of Kaleidotrope!

On the 2015 Hugos, and the Promise of Fantasy and SciFi | MAGGIE CLARK


The Day Fandom Ended:


A new update to my actual, like, writing of stuff blog, Philip Sandifer: Writer

On the Hugos

Midnight, 42nd street Manhattan

How Agent Carter up ends televisual expectations

Yeah, I suck. That’s a Kickstarter obligation that is just getting stuck as an eternal second choice thing to work on.

I pay them on what I make.



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heavy flashback to the time that me and ericrosenfield invented the P Box, a device that logs in to your wireless network and just continuously downloads porn. it doesn’t play it or store it or do anything with it, it just bulk downloads all the porn it can find on the internet in a continuous stream until your life is totally ruined.

We are geniuseseses

Just take my money, why don’t you.

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